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B:log 47. Innovation in Church Kitchens.

Reach Church Kitchen by Reuben Kuah
The tight little kitchen that serves over 200 people quickly.…Click here

46. Looking Up

Welcome to B-log 46, Studio B's monthly advice blog.. This is a new series about experiences. Looking Up  If our buildings are valuable assets, shouldn’t we protect them against becoming liabilities? …Click the image 

33. Index to 32 Blogs. Next Time: Resources for Church Property.

Index to the past 15 months of Church property advice. Select whatever interests you. Read on...   Next time an exciting new series of downloadable on-screen resources in PowerPoint and Keynote for leaders to use as discussion starters. 

32. Enabling Development - Do We Still Need Fundraising?

If we can get value from allowing development on church property, do we still need fundraising from the members in order to build new facilities? Read on....

31. Enabling Development - How Can We Be Responsible?

Who do we answer to and how do we get it right? Read on...

29.Enabling Development - What Can it Enable?

What could the Church be achieving with its land bank? Read on...